P90X diet: Turkey Bacon Turkey Burger with Cheese

Realization #1: I really like turkey bacon

Realization #2: I don’t like ground turkey (I remember when I was a teenager and my mom made spaghetti with ground turkey instead of ground beef, I wasn’t fooled!)

Realization #3: 1 lb of lean ground beef + 1 lb of ground turkey makes ground turkey much much tastier

Realization #4: 1 lb of ground turkey + 1 lb of lean ground beef make the ground beef not shrink up as much when you grill it

P90X diet rule #1: 2 slices of turkey bacon = 1 serving of protein

P90X diet rule #2: 1 serving of protein = 3 oz of meat

Result: 2 slices of turkey bacon cooked to crispy in the microwave + 1 turkey-beef patty grilled on the Foreman grill + 1 slice of low fat American cheese melted on top = 3 servings of protein + 1 serving of dairy

*Note: based on other P90X diet requirements, you can add a whole wheat bun, several pickle slices, and an enormous amount of mustard.

(I had used up those requirements so I ate mine with a fork!)