P90X or P90Rx?

Thursday was Yoga day.  But what happened before I did yoga is the impressive part.

For those who don’t know, I’m a Pharmacist, and I work in a relatively small town (it’s actually one of the bigger towns within 30 miles of Franklin County). Thursday, my pharmacy manager had to go to a meeting so I filled in for her.  I was scheduled from 9-7, and she was going to come back from her meeting at 7 and work til 9.  So, it started out like any normal day at the pharmacy – refills, drive-thru bell dinging, phone ringing – all the normal stuff that it takes to fill prescriptions.  I had one technician and about 11 am, the flood came in.  We were bookin’ it!  At 2 pm, the techs switched (so I still had just one technician).

We slowed down about 6 pm and I took a look at our “stats'” chart that tells us how many prescriptions we’ve filled and sold today.  It said “entered: 87”.  I thought to myself “if our 7 o’ clock rush hits, we’ll make 100!”  And for others familiar with pharmacies, that’s not an unreasonable amount, but we are a new pharmacy (8 months opened) and this was our biggest day yet.  I found out the next day, that we actually did 89 prescriptions, the counter was having a hard time keeping up!

Then, I left work at 7 pm, and went straight to church because I teach in the teen class.  Had 35 rambunctious teens!

After all that, I got home at 9:15 pm and was pumped about doing yoga!

I’m just trying to decide – what burned more calories – Yoga X or 90 Rx’s?