Re-up’d P90X

Well, I made myself a schedule and I’m doing my best to stick to it.  I got my calorie count up, the bouts of hunger in the middle of the day are gone, and I’m not “bonking” during my workouts.  I can at least feel a difference in my energy during the day even if I’m not seeing the bulging muscles yet.

My high point of this week: doing 18 of 20 “sneaky lunges”.  Sneaky lunges are lunges on your tippy-toes.  You can’t let your heals touch the floor!

My low point of this week: having to drive the the drizzly, gloomy rain for an hour after doing a wonderfully relaxing 93 minutes of yoga.  Talk about sleepy!

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but now that I’ve been at this for a couple weeks, my joints are just giving me fits!  I do shoulder rolls and my shoulders make all kinds of popping sounds.  I do jumping jacks and my ankles and knees get to feeling all beat up.  My best guess as to why this happens is that my joints aren’t used to having a lot of tension on them, so as my muscles are strengthening and tightening and pulling things back into their proper place, my joints are trying to adjust to that.  If anyone else has a conclusion of why that happens, I’d love to know the real reason why.

My big lesson from this week: if I don’t tie my shoes tight enough, my feet will hurt like crazy.

One last tip: if you live in a mobile home, don’t freak out if the house starts shaking when you do the wall squats!!