P90X on the weekend

Ken and I both have a 5 days/week job and an 8 days/week life.  Saturdays are usually our chill and be lazy while still trying to get chores done days.  So to do 1 hour of Kenpo and try to get all our calories in does not fit our old pattern.  Then Sundays are church days – 2 services with lunch and a nap in between.  That’s another day that’s hard to get all our calories in, though the 1 hour of stretching Sunday night before bed was awesome and I slept great!

With that being said, today was the first day I “bonked” (meaning that I ran completely out of energy during my workout today).  And I think being short on the weekend calories is what did it to me.  On days I get to sleep late, that’s less hours I get to spread my calories over.  The other thing is I’ve eaten every 2 hours today and still didn’t make my calories (or my portions of protein)!

So, to get the results I want, I’ve got to have 7 days/week discipline with the nutrition plan.  (Oh, by the way, the idea I had of making a chart and checking off each serving to know what I can and can’t eat worked great today!)