Yoga X: Gettin’ my P90X on

Yes, I said yoga – 93 minutes worth.  I planked, I treed, I chaired, I warriored, and I wore my butt slap out!  It got to the point that my muscles were failing (for those of you who remember when I dropped myself on my ear – that didn’t happen).  I was having to hold scissor legs and my hip flexors were scissored and flexed out and would not hold my legs up anymore.  But boy did I feel great and refreshed after I was all done – talk about oxygenation!!  A lot of yoga is about breathing – breathing deep into your stomach, exhaling into a stretch, and breathing through the “storm”.

I’ve done much better with my calories today, even though I had to cheat and ate 2 Subway cookies (white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies) and I burnt supper (that was not a pretty moment).

Also, we ordered the Recovery Drink from Beachbody (the makers of P90X).  The goal is to drink one within one hour of your workout to replenish and feed your muscles.  It’s Smooth Orange flavored – smells like Tang and tastes like melted Flintstone orange sherbert push-pops (anyone else remember those?)

Now it’s time to relax, watch Bama beat Texas (go SEC!) while it snows outside, and then take some Aleve before bed.  I’ll let you know if I’m able move in the morning!


One comment on “Yoga X: Gettin’ my P90X on

  1. RickG says:

    Congrats on starting P90x! It is a trip and you will enjoy the results.

    You gotta skip the cookies and keep with a good diet! Everything bad you eat (like the cookies)is another thing you will have to work off. In fact, the diet is more important than the workout. Those two cookies equate to an extra 420 calories to your diet. That’s putting on 2x what you took off by doing the yoga which only burns 170 calories per hour. Those cookies made you go backwards!!

    If you are going to reward yourself, which you should be doing, keep it to a single item every Sunday. But ONLY if you were good all week.

    Just wake up and tell yourself all “I have to do is eat right today.” Then tomorrow, do it again…

    Now you got someone following you and you cant let the “Team” down.

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