P90X: Day 2 & 3

Getting back into the blogging habit is hard.  So, I’m making up 2 days in one post.

Yesterday, was the cardio-focused day.  And boy did my cardio work – maintained a HR of 163 bpm (yeah, c’mon!)  Felt great afterwards!

Today, I did shoulders and arms resistance training with the resistance bands.  This workout inhibited my job – but only in a small way.  You know how 98% of pill bottles say “Push Down & Turn to Open” – I couldn’t do that today!  This was also the day that me and Ken got to do the same workout.  We did the arms workout separately, but we did the Ab workout together (glad no one was watching us!)

Taking a multivitamin has made me feel a lot better during the day, but there are times that I end up real draggy-tailed.  With the nutrition plan that we’re following, we’re supposed to eat a certain number of calories throughout the day – enough calories for you to live and breathe, plus enough calories to do my daily activities, PLUS 600 calories to allot for what you burn during the workouts.  I found out that even though I would eat huge meals (calorie-wise) I wasn’t even getting enough calories to live and breathe!  My goal in this plan is 1,800 calories/day and I was barely eating 1,000!!  No wonder I felt horrible all the time – and I thought it was just because I wasn’t sleeping good or long enough.  Who knew that eating the right number of calories (which may be more than what a “calorie counter” diet would tell you) could be the key to losing weight and getting healthy.

I’m so excited – tomorrow I get to go Yoga – 93 minutes worth!