Gettin’ Fit with P90X

It’s official – Ken and I have started P90X.  (You know, you break out sweating and your heart rate goes up to 165 bpm just by sitting on the couch and watching the infomercial)

We’ve acquired some equipment, bought the groceries, and taken the vitamins (and the pain relievers), so we’re ready to go.

This is going to be a grueling yet rewarding 90 days, and I thought it might be therapeutic to blog about the experience (and give y’all a good laugh).

So, here’s how it started out…

Sunday – Day 0 – baseline Fit Test

The warning that comes with this program is that if you cannot pass the minimum of the fit test, then this program might be too strenuous for you to start out and you should do something else first.

So, we did the fit test… started out with a 10 minute warm-up.  Ken jogged up and down the hallway, I jogged in place and folded towels.  I can do 1/4 of a pull-up, 8 girl push-up, and I have a 10 inch vertical jump.  My maximum heart rate was over 200 pbm.

We took measurements and “before” photos (you will NOT get to see those here!)

Monday – Day 1

Because my goal and Ken’s goal are different, we don’t always get to do the same things at the same times.  Yesterday, I did what they call “core synergistics” – aka, things that work your core (chest, ribs, abs, hips, gluts, upper quads).  I had to be a banana, a boat, and fly like Superman – 57 minutes of it.  I’ve never done so much rolling and crawling in my life – and I’ve never had to pick my leg up with my hands to put pants on either!

Ken got to do resistance training with the chest and back workout (he asked me if Walgreens sold caskets!)

We ate healthy and really was able to eat a lot of food w/o breaking the rules (just bending them).  The “bend” to the rules, is that we will eat (in moderation) the foods that we had before we started that weren’t on “the list”.

Tuesday – Day 2

Today, I’m in for the cardio workout of my life – 45 minutes! Got my heart rate monitor watch and I’m ready to go (and still a little nervous cuz I’m sore from my earlobes down).

P.S. – Ken likes Lean Cuisines now (they’re on “the list”)!