Don’t try this at home!

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself and your family healthy, but I am about to show you one way that is NOT recommended!

About a month ago, Ken and I were at the airport in ATL to pick up Apostle David as he returned from a short trip to Nicaragua.  While we’re standing behind the ropes at the top of the escalators (for anyone who doesn’t know, the ATL airport has it’s own train!).  Most times, we enjoy people-watching to pass the time.  During this particular venture, I noticed a girl talking on her cell phone, but she had this other contraption up to her face…


I said to Ken “surely she doesn’t think that huffing Germ-X is going to keep the germs from the airport out of her nose?!”  I was fascinated so I continued to watch her.  She paced back and forth continuing to talk on the phone.  At first, she had the lid off and as she talked, once she reached up and scratched her chin.  Immediately after I watched her dump some Germ-X out on her finger and clean off her chin.  She did the same thing with the tip of her nose a few minutes later.  By this time, I’m wondering to myself  “does she bathe in this stuff?”  She walked out of sight for a while and when she came back, the lid was on and she was rhythmically squeezing the bottle to shoot air out of the spout, yes, and into her nose!  If you are that scared of germs, DON’T GO TO THE AIRPORT!  I began thinking, “I hope she’s not the driver for whomever she’s waiting on.  And I certainly hope we don’t leave at the same time because I really don’t want to be on the road with a driver under the influence of isopropyl alcohol.”

To set the record straight, isopropyl alcohol fumes WILL NOT kill germs in the air.  They will, however, kill olfactory cells (the ones in your nose that help you sense scents – haha) and brain cells. So, use it on your hands and use it to clean surfaces, but please don’t use it to clean out your nose!