I am terribly distracted as of late – and not by 100 things, only just 1 or 2.

My #1 distraction right now is the messy state of my house.  I get this feeling that I’m slowing drowning in all the junk that I’ve discovered we have.  I can’t seem to get the whole house clean at one time – as I clean one area and move to the next, we can’t go 2 days without it getting cluttered up again to the point that you can’t even tell I cleaned it in the first place.  I’ve tried chore lists to delegate certain tasks (we have a dry-erase board on our fridge) but the ink just seems to crack and flake off because it’s been up there so long.  Part of me wishes we could just get a new house b/c then it would cause us to purge all the extra junk that we have but we don’t need, then the other part of me thinks I would have a nervous breakdown if we got a new house because if I can’t keep this one clean why would I think I could keep a different house clean?!  Therefore, I’m distracted.

I’m distracted from all the things that I should be enjoying.  I’m distracted from wanting to cook meals for me and my husband (a dirty kitchen is not a fun place to try and be creative a cook).  I’m distracted from finding creative ways to reconnect with Ken after a long day of work or evenings at church.  I’m distracted from the stack of books piling up that I’d really like to read.  I’m distracted from writing blogs.  I’m distracted from relaxing.  I’m distracted from taking care of myself (eating right, getting a good night’s sleep). I’m distracted from all the fun projects that were started but never completed because so many other things took priority.

I’ve been told by many people that a woman’s domain is her house and right now I’m struggling to have dominion of my domain and I’m ready to do just about anything to get it back.