The Tip of the Iceberg – Catalyst 2009

I was beginning to think that with my busy work and church schedule, that I was running out of time and topics to blog about.  Basically, I thought that nothing was happening that would be interesting to my readers.

Then, this week our team went to a leadership called Catalyst – three days of intense, in-your-face and in-your-junk, thought-provoking leadership teaching.  They hit life on all levels: personal, family, church, occupation, and kingdom.

So, this is a warning – the 40 pages of notes I took over 3 days is just the tip of the iceberg of what God was trying to reveal.  Watch out because this will probably be one of the places that the clarity of the revelation will explode.

Feeling a bit like a little kid who has just emerged from the magic of Disney World and trying so desperately to keep a grasp on every single moment of the adventure because I don’t want a single memory to be lost.