Flu Shots and Florida Gators

Since I am certified to give immunizations, I get to encounter some interesting people.  This past Saturday I gave 33 flu shots – to a bunch of football fans.

One particular lady had on an old-school Florida sweat shirt and was harassing the other pharmacist that was working with me.  He kept telling her that she was going to have to cut off her sleeve so I could get to her arm to give her the flu shot.  When we went into the clinic room, she offered to take her arm out of the sweatshirt so I could reach her shoulder.  I harmlessly asked her if she went to Florida or had kids at Florida.  While I was preparing my supplies and cleansing her arm with an alcohol, she proceeded to tell me that she graduated from Florida with a degree in English and that she had that sweatshirt since she was in college. I gave her the shot and she just oohed and ahhed over the fact that she didn’t feel a thing and it was the best shot she’d ever had. Then…

… she asked “are you a Georgia fan?” I calmly said “yes” and placed a band-aid over her injection site.  In a split-second, she started cussing and ranting saying “I wish I had known that! I woulda screamed and cried so they’d think that Georgia girl hurt me and made me bleed and wouldn’t even give me a bandage!”

As she was leaving, she wrote “Go Gators” on her sticker to stick on our shot count board!

She makes my top 10 favorite flu shots this season!