What a Saturday!

Today has been a crazy day:

8:15 am – Woke up (why on earth was I awake that early on a Saturday)

8:20 am – Ken got a call reminding him he had to go help take down the tent in Hartwell

8:30 am – Ken leaves

9:05 am – I got a call from Devan asking me to come in since one of the technicians was sick and was told she couldn’t work until she was cleared (stupid swine flu scare!)

9:10 am – get ready

9:35 am – walk out the house, open my car – no car keys (95% of the time Ken leaves the keys in the ignition, today was in that 5% that he didn’t, the only set of keys to my car were in his pocket!)

9:45 am – called Christe (she’s the closest person to my house that wasn’t helping with the tent)

9:50 am – called Devan to say that I’m coming, I’ll just be later than 10 am

10 am – Christe picks me up to take me to Lavonia

10:15 am – arrive in Lavonia at MIL & FIL’s house to pick up Ken’s truck (100% of the time Ken leaves his truck keys in the ignition but we also have an extra set of keys for his truck)

10:30 am – clocked in at Walgreens

10:35 am – filled 8 prescriptions

10:45 am – sick technician approved to work (she just had seasonal allergies)

11 am – 12:00 pm – gave 6 flu shots

12:15 pm – sorted vaccine records and filed 4 sets of prescriptions

12:30 pm – unsick technicians arrives at work

12:50 pm – clocked out, got 12 cameras from our wedding reception (which was 2 years ago) developed, and shopped at Walgreens

1:15 pm – went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries and ended up shopping for lots of fun stuff for my 3 favorite college students

3:15 pm – finally left Wal-Mart

3:45 pm – unloaded groceries

4:30 pm – finally get to sit down and breathe

4:45 pm – making plans to go to Commerce to eat at Longhorns (our all-time favorite steak house)

7:00 pm – UGA vs USC (let’s home DISH Network decides that a Georgia vs Carolina game is worth showing on CAROLINA programming!)

What a day! And I still love my life!