Discipline Hurts

I have a discipline problem – and this week, I’ve tackled it hard core.

Being thrown into “real life” after graduation (or moving from one season of life to the next) will show you how disciplined you are. And I’m learning that as I discipline some areas, it makes me aware of other areas that are out of whack.

For example, last week, I moved my computer and all my study materials to the dining room table (it has no view of the TV from any angle). This means I don’t spend as much time in the evenings sitting next to my husband (my goal has been to study at least 2 hrs on my non-church nights).

Then this week, a friend invited me to start working out with her at 6 AM (I haven’t seen 6 AM since November!).  That means I have to go to bed early (I’m shooting for at least 11 PM) so I’ll be able to function during the day. This also means that once my studying (or church) is over, I get to spend even less time with Ken.

Next, I have chosen to leave my laptop in my study space instead of bringing it back to the couch to surf and watch TV.  This is because I firmly believe that all the technology in our lives is starting to take the place of or overshadowing the real relationships we have.  So, if my computer is in one room, then I can check email, Facebook, and blogs in about 20 minutes time.  Then I can sit in the den and watch TV or talk with Ken without trying to multitask (also, I’ve realized that I don’t really go anywhere on the internet, I just neurotically rotate between emails, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and our online bank account).

And it’s not that my “sitting around” time with Ken is being infringed upon because I’ve started these other tasks.  My house is suffering too – haven’t washed dishes in about a week, haven’t done laundry in a week, haven’t cleaned anything really in about a week, many house projects that are partially done.  That just proves to me all those areas weren’t disciplined in the first place.

So, now I’ve got to figure out a strategy for getting those areas lined up and in ship-shape.  Maybe next time, I’ll share some ideas on how I’m going to do that.  In the meantime, feel free to share your ideas on how you’ve disciplined some areas on your life.