Party like it’s 1999!

I’m a dork! (Some of you already knew that). And now I’m about to show you just how big a dork I am.

In all of my cleaning and organizing, i found something that proves how dorky I can be!

I was in the 11th grade when all the Y2K craze was going on. And in high school, we were issued a planner (or agenda, as some people call them). In our 1999-2000 planner, there was a packet call the “Millennium Mission”. It was basically a time capsule of sorts – answer the questions about your life at that time, and even had a pocket to put pictures and items that you’d want to remember.  Then on the outside, you write the date on which you wish the packet to be opened.  And yes, I was a dork and  filled out the packet and put “important” items that (at that time) I wished to remember.


And since that day had come and gone (and I just found the “time capsule”) I opened it.  And here’s what I found inside…

Goofiest fad: Toe socks

Computer: Hewitt Packard w/ Windows 95

Favorite TV show: The Pretender

Skills to learn:  Cooking, yard care

Skills I need to be successful: communication

College I want to attend:  College of Charleston

Personal Mission: to become a biological engineer, contribute time and money to charity, & be an optimist

DSC02351This is very sad: hotel room keys from band trips and addresses of boys that I met at camp that I never wrote back (wow, I was mean!)

DSC02350What horrible pictures!!  Start at the top left: me at prom sporting the braces (I ended up going with an ex-boyfriend); Disney World Band trip on the Dumbo ride (he was my boyfriend when this picture was taken); me & my best friend, Angela (1992); me learning to walk in my Barbie car onsy; another best friend, Brandy (1993); another baby picture (can’t believe my mom got a 2-faced one); the spring play, Anne of Green Gables (obviously, I didn’t play Anne); and a dude named Nick that was a drum major in south Georgia and he can only see out of one eye.

Bottom line: as a teenager, I had no life and nothing turns out they way you expect them to in high school.