4th of July – something serious & something fun

I took the time today to read three very important documents in America’s history:

  1. The Gettysburg Address
  2. The Declaration of Independence
  3. The Star Spangled Banner

On one side, it was interesting to re-read and remember what historical “enemies” caused such bold men to stand up and proclaim such bold words.  On the other side, it was interesting to see parallels between the enemies of that time and the enemies our Country is facing today.  I’m not going to tell you everything I thought, I suggest that you read them and ponder them for yourself – then watch this video.  It just reiterates that I am proud to be an American and we are truly indivisible if we operate as one nation under God.

I also went to a family cookout. Here’s the highlights…



Mexican Tree Frog

Illegal Immigrant – Mexican Tree Frog

Osama Bin Roberts

Osama Bin Roberts


The Grand Finale!

(P.S. For the rest of the family cookout pictures, look on facebook!)