Word of the Day: pariphrasis

Pronounced: puh-RIFF-ruh-sis

Defined as the use of a longer phrasing in place of a possible shorter form of expression.

Basically – are you a rambler?

I am!  I know I am, my team knows I am.  We all understand there’s a time and place for rambling, here’s a couple I can think of right off the bat…

  • Brainstorming – sometimes it’s going to take a lot of words to get the whole group to see the idea I just had as clearly as I do
  • Deeper sharing – feelings and emotions are complicated and aren’t always condensed down to a few  words accurately (or honestly).

One of the things I’m focusing on right now in life in clarity of communication – in my marriage, on my teams, with my family, at work, and with those I teach.  For a while, I always equated more words with more clarity –  thus “Cynthia the Rambler” was born.

And then one day my team leader said “watch her, she’s a rambler” – and all my hopes for clarity came crashing down.  But obviously, he could identify me as a rambler, because he was once a rambler too.

And so I don’t get accused of pariphrasis, you can read his blog on steps to take to quit the rambling but keep the clarity of communication – Raw Guts.