The Burn Out – my symptoms

Some of you know, but some of you might not know – a very trying and painful season of my life has finally come to an end. So much has happened and so much has changed that it’s hard to decide where to start. But over the next several posts, I would like to share openly what has happened to me and within me over the past year.

I have almost completed an awesome book by an awesome woman – Mad Church Disease by Anne Jackson. Basically, it’s a book about identifying and taking steps to recovering from burn out in the ministry.  But a funny thing happened on my way through this book…

I realized that the downward spiral I started on could be defined as burn out – not in the church or ministry, but Pharmacy school burn out.

In the book, Anne lists 40+ symptoms of burn out.  Here’s the one I tested positive for…

– Avoiding truth

– Avoiding accountable relationships

– Lying

– Being tired all the time

– Headaches

– Weight loss

– GI issues

– Insomnia

– Teeth grinding

– Cynical

– Grumpy

– Paranoia

– Suspicion

– Helplessness

– Anxiety/worry

– Panic attacks

– Feeling on the verge of a breakdown

– Withdrawal from family and friends

– Fear of being alone

– Dread of talking about school/pharmacy

Some of you may be surprised by this, some of you may not (and for the record, this is not an opportunity for anyone to call me up and ask me to list specific times that I might have done any of these things to you, because I probably couldn’t tell you, all I can say is I’m sorry).

Next time, I’ll share with you what started me on this path.


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  1. anne jackson says:

    wow….mad pharmacy school burnout!!! i’m so sorry to hear about it but sounds like you are on the road to recovery…

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