What’s your Melisande?

“Her skin was like alabaster, her hair a black so true it gleamed blue where the light touched it and her eyes a sapphire that gemstones might envy…her raven hair fell in ripples, gleaming like black water in moonlight …[her laugh] the sound liquid in the moonlight…her look went through me like a spear, my knees turned to water…collects hearts as the royal gardener collects seedlings…she shone, no less for her beauty than her barbed wit ”

In the story, Melisande enraptures everyone she encounters with her beauty and grace, including Phedre, the heroine. In spite of the adoration, Melisande is so concerned with only herself and then her son that she would use, hurt, sell, marry, or kill who she has to in order to get what she wants – including Phedre. Phedre experiences the murder of her adopted family, being sold into slavery to a barbarian, imprisonment, and attempts on her own life due to this Melisande. On her many adventures, Phedre hoped that she could outrun the hold Melisande has on her or be cured of the love she has for her. Each time she returned home, she cannot deny it.

Melisande holds responsibility for every negative experience in her life – and she hates her.
Melisande is wealthy, beautiful, intelligent, and graceful – and she loves her.

Do you have a Melisande in your life? Something or someone that inevitably draws you but then stings you? The one thing you despise most but it marks almost everything you do and you need it to bring your dreams to pass?

My Melisande has been my school. It told me I’m qualified and I’m going to be great at what I do. Then it told me I don’t belong and tries to send me away. They promised me one more chance as long as I do everything EXACTLY as they say. I hate it! And yet every hoodie I wear in the winter has their name and logo on it – it’s so comfy and the logo is so cool. Every pen I write with pricks a painful memory that I have to be dependent on them – they’re the best writing pens I’ve seen. Every memory I have from the past four years has the mark of them lurking in the shadows or hovering over me. My life and my dream could not have gone on without them – and they liked it that way.

So what is your Melisande? What is the one thing that the very sight or smell or even a touch on the skin sparks a mixure of devoted love and strong hate?