The Doctor is in


It’s over, and yet it’s just beginning. It’s definitely official – I am a Doctor of Pharmacy!

In honor of graduation, here’s some tidbits about the traditions and rituals that I learned…

Why do we wear a cap and gown?

Well, back in the day (that’s the Middle Ages), students would wear the hat and robe every day to class.  It was a way of distinguishing scholars and students from normal citizens.  Plus, it was cold.  Even American Universities followed this until sometime after the Civil War.  (And I thought our dress code was strict!)

What’s with the stripes?

The higher the degree you earned, the more luxurious your gown was. So, doctorate graduates had robes made of silk with velvet stripes on the sleeves, around the neck, and down the front.  (Yeah, ours weren’t silk!)

Why do we have a separate hooding ceremony?

The hood is representative of the mantle of wisdom and knowledge.  During the ceremony, the student presents the folded hood to the mentor and the mentor places it on the student.  It signifies the graduates going from student to colleague.

What do the hood colors mean?

The higher the degree, the longer the hood.  The velvet boarder that goes around the neck and down the back is the color of the degree (Pharmacy = olive green).  The colors inside the hood are the colors of the university (South University = orange and white).

So, there ya go!


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