Gimme a break

The past several weeks have been crazy with finishing school and moving back into my house and graduating and job interviews. And in that craziness I’ve had some terrific ideas for blogs, but just no time to post them. So, I’m announcing officially that I will not be blogging again until Monday, June 22.
This will allow me to enjoy graduation with my family (and Father’s Day) and finish getting my life lined back up for the long haul. It will also allow my ideas to soak so that I make sure the timing is right for some of the things I want to share.
So, don’t despair because I’m not posting (you know I’m just that important), but when I do get back, you get to call me Doctor!


One comment on “Gimme a break

  1. Madison says:

    Woo hoo! You’ve worked so hard to get to this place in life, Cynthia.

    I remember when you first got accepted into Pharmacy school, and you commuted back and forth to church. You came in to class with a book in your hand, but I could tell something wasn’t right. You had taken a very important exam and scored a 96. Your professor said you needed to retake it because he wanted you to score a 100. Even though you were frustrated, it helped make you a better Pharmacist. When someone needs medicine, I know that you’ll give 100 percent of yourself on the job. You won’t settle for 96 percent.

    I’m so proud of you because in the midst of school, you didn’t lose yourself. You were dedicated to church, your marriage, and everything in between. It paid off! Go enjoy your graduation, girl!

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