Boys to Men

Today, in light of this graduation season, I’ve been reminiscing about a couple of our teens at church that will be graduating tonight.  I met these two boys when they were 6th graders coming into the middle school class at church.  And over the past 7 years, I have been able to watch them progress in school, progress in life, and progress in their relationship with God.  And somehow, these teenage boys thought I was cool – cool enough to allow me to participate and delight in the growth they have experienced.  So, here’s a little bit about the David and Josh I know – the dangerous duo…

David… he used to be a short kid, kinda skinny, and would always come up and hug me when he saw me.  When I was moving away to go to Pharmacy school, he wrote me a letter (and folded it in that origami way we all folded letters in middle school) about how he’d miss me and how he’d come to see me as a big sister (I still have that letter).  He would make me things and write me things – just like a good little brother.  Then, as I came back, he’d grown up – way up, but still skinny!  And as with all teenage boys, he had trouble at home, trouble at school, trouble with girls – just a lot of trouble.  But one thing that was obvious, he knew God was faithful and his sincerity in sharing his experiences with that faithfulness has affected the lives of his peers and his leaders.  It’s hard to believe this young “little brother” has grown into someone that I can now consider a true friend.  And even though this phase is over, his life has just begun!

Josh… until about a year ago, he was a shy guy.  I can remember him asking me “You’re a girl, what do girls like?”  To me, he was a big ball of paradoxes – big talk but shy actions, tough words but sensitive heart, had all the answers but unspoken questions.  He is a dreamer of big dreams and he has such a conquering spirit.  It was an amazing day when I watched him change from “are you sure God speaks to people? How do you know?” to “God is awesome, He talks to me!”  His genuine curiosity about the things of God is unusual for his generation, and it has been awesome to see him lead his peers back to God.

It has been an amazing and sometimes trying ride with these guys.  And even though I have been a “teacher” to them in the past, I can honestly say I have learned just as much from them.  I love you guys and I’m proud of you!