Birthday Surprises

So, it’s my birthday and I thought I’d tell everyone what some of my favorite birthday presents were.

When I turned 16, my dad was a baseball coach and his team was headed to Indiana for the national tournament, which means he would be gone on my actual birthday. So, I was at home, he and mom ran out to do some errands and when they got back, dad says “I want to give you your birthday present but it’s outside in the back of the van.” So, taking him literally, I’m looking in the back of the van, no noticing the sea foam green car sitting in the drive way! Yep, I got a 1995 Ford Contour for my 16th birthday. I named it Gracie!

When I turned 21, I was staying in Virginia with my parents, while I made plans for my pharmacy future. I was dating Ken long distance and talked to him on the phone and online most days. One day, after my real birthday, I was hunting some accessories to decorate a shelf in my room and my mom was helping me. Suddenly, my dad yells upstairs, “Cynthia, I think someone’s outside for you!” I was actually in the attic so I come down one flight of stairs and who should meet me at the top of the next set of stairs – KEN!! He drove 500 miles from Lavonia, Georgia to Chesapeake, Virginia to see me for my birthday. A total surprise!

So, in honor of my birthday, please share your own favorite birthday memories with me!

(And in case you’re wondering – I’m 26 today!)