Cyndicated Idol – Finale

Tonight’s the night – Kris and Adam are singing for their lives!

Thanks for the warning Ryan, tonight might go long – HA!

Three songs apiece – should be fun!

Guyliner?  Really?

A for Adam?  That’s what they taught me in Kindergarten!

Simon dressed up so he could show off he chest hair.

Adam’s first song – Phantom of the Opera meets Twilight – what a profound definition of Adam!

Wow, Kris rocked it – I love the songs he’s sang on this show, I hope his album contains some of them and is just as good!

Creator’s pick – that’s a totally different point of view for these performers!

Ken said Adam is way to white for that old Sam Cook song and shoulda turned into a Rolling Stones kind of feel to fit his scream.

Kris has found his niche and no one can force him out of it – that’s what makes a great artist, when their mark on music doesn’t have blurred lines.

Adam doesn’t need to sing with backup vocals, they make him sound off key.

Anyone else think they wrote that “winner’s single” song for Adam instead of for “anybody”?

Round 1 – Kris

Round 2 – Adam

Round 3 – ????

I hate it when the judges call the end before the decision is made.  What do you say?  Vote for your American Idol tonight, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed until tomorrow!  Maybe America can prove the judges wrong.


2 comments on “Cyndicated Idol – Finale

  1. Anessa Back says:

    OK – the backup singers don’t make Adam sound off key – he IS off key – a lot! The backup singers just make it that much more noticable. Someone has to stand up for the backup singers – they’re just doing their job. 🙂

    And yes, the big power ballad “winner’s single” is not for just “anybody”. Frankly, I’m disappointed that Kris didn’t arrange that song a little differently to suit his style…

    I hope Kris wins!

  2. cynhendrix says:

    Oh yes, kudos to the backup singers for having to backup a “one man show” type singer.

    And I wish Kris could have arranged it too. But it being the winner’s single, not sure he was allowed. I really hope Kris wins – Ken and I decided that we could live the rest of our lives happy if we never heard Adam sing another note. But if Kris does win, I hope the arrange that single for his style when he records it!

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