Mother’s Day

My mom had a super opportunity to write something as a part of a service where her parents (my grandparents) were honored as retired ministers.  And even though this is for both of her parents, she gave me permission to post this for Mother’s Day – and I thought it was perfect!

“Pearline, you have always said to give you your roses while you live, …so here are your ‘roses.’

I thank the Lord for giving me such wonderful parents. No one has better parents! Now yours may be as good, but not better than mine. The ‘Blessings of Abraham’ have been passed down to me through these two people and I hope that I have passed those blessings on to my two daughters, unencumbered. And I know as they see their granddaughters as youth pastors, on missions trips, singing, and witnessing with their character that Jesus is Lord in their lives, there are two beaming grandparents in the background who have prayed and had faith for God’s favor over them. Praise God for the heritage of the past and God’s promise to the next generation and to those that are afar off.

Thank you, Daddy, for showing me what a worshiper looks like. You, like David, are a man after God’s own heart. You cherish communion time with the Father and it shows that you have been in His Presence. I remember you breaking into song, during alter times, going from chorus to chorus, with Mother on the piano, following you. This was way before ‘Kum Ba Ya’. You were a worshiper before worship was ‘cool.’ I know that is why I am a worshiper, because I saw it modeled as a lifestyle before me.

Mother, you have shown me what a Godly woman should be…strong, wise, loving, giving, and standing beside her husband in service of the King of Kings. I saw you pull more talent out of children, young people, adults, and senior adults than could be imagined. You saw ways for them to glorify God that they could have never accomplished, if ‘Miss Pearline’ had not been destined into their lives.

You two have such giving hearts. All my life I have seen you give to people by helping and comforting them in times of need. Whether it was a visit, a phone call, or a bushel of peas on the back door step, you found a was to show God’s love to them. Even in retirement, the giving goes on. The heart of the Good Shepherd is in you. I hope I can minister to people with that same heart.

Well, guys, this life is not without hurts. The Word tell us that. But in all the hard times, when offenses came, I have never seen unforgiveness in you. Of all the people and all the times, you have always made your enemy your friend, by forgiving and forgetting, as God would do. You truly turned the other cheek and loved, anyway. To God be the glory.

Daddy, thank you, for hearing from God and following the Holy Spirit. Whether it was moving to a new town or just which car to buy, I know you inquired of God. You showed me that God speaks and that He speaks to me.

Mother, thank you for making me French toast before school and kneeling by the table to pray for my day. I still remember and I prayed on the way to school with my girls every day because of it. God is so faithful. He has guided our steps and protected us along the way, even as we spread farther apart, His wings still cover us all.

And, also, may I take this opportunity to apologize for any attitude that I had at the time I left home for college. I mean, for not being sympathetic to your feelings. I can surely say I have reaped what I sowed. This “empty nest” thing is for the birds. (Pun intended.) Seeing those little ones spread their wings is happy and sad at the same time. Then they don’t call and talk to their mother. So why am I such a wreck? Oh, yes, I remember. I did the same thing to my parents. Please, forgive me. Okay?

I have seen pictures of me standing on the piano stool in church and was told that I had to stand there to be seen. I do remember singing a song that goes like this…’Jesus, use me, and oh, Lord, don’t refuse me, for surely there’s a work that I can do. And even though it’s humble, Lord, help my will to crumble. And though the cost be great, I’ll work for You.’ That word got into a little girl’s heart and became who I am.

Thank you for all the piano lessons and singing practice to get my part. The Driggers Trio, not a famous recording group, traveled on weekends to churches in these parts to sing Southern Gospel with sweet harmony. Boy, was that fun!… I mean, I enjoyed serving the Lord with the talent He gave me. But I only had the Holy Spirit boldness to do it after I was filled with the Holy Ghost in this very church right there at the end of the alter by the piano. That was during the long revival with Marion Cannon from Myrtle Beach, the Sunday night Mother and Daddy went down to fill in in Myrtle Beach for Marion. Yep. They weren’t here. But I remember Mrs. Gladys Gwinn and Mrs. Dot Wilson helping to pray me through.

Mother and Daddy, thank you for showing me what a Godly marriage is all about. You two are almost to 60 years together and Robbie and I are working on our 30th. As I remember the story, you two had a whirlwind courtship and were married in a short piece. I remember Mother making me hold my hand up and say, ‘I will not get married before I finish college. I will not get married before I finish college. I will not get married before I finish college.’ Well, thanks for going back on that. I would not have known how to love my husband unselfishly and unconditionally unless I had seen it in my home growing up.

Your lives have been examples for me and so many others through the years. Paul said, ‘Follow me, as I follow Christ.’ ‘The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.’ I thank God for righteous parents and the ‘Unseen Hand’ of God to lead the way.

I love you both!

~ Lynn”