Delicately Vicious

I spent about an hour and a half one day this week digging weeds and grass out from out some tulips that I had planted.  Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on flower gardening or yardwork by any means, but here’s what I do know…

Tulips = Bulbs –> they’re like big balls that grow a stalk out of the top and roots out of the bottom

Grass = networks –> the blade of grass that I see at point A may have roots that originate way over (5 feet away) at point B

So, with this knowledge, I came up with a DELICATELY VICIOUS technique to get the grass out from around my tulips without damaging them.

And while  I’m crouched over in the yard, cramping and sweating, I somehow made this relate to team development…

I once told one of our teens at church that he should view his “dream” like an exotic flower that requires special handing in a very controlled environment, because if it is exposed to the wrong things, it may die.  Do we view the dreams and passions and values of our team members and special, unique, exotic flowers?  Are we treating them that way?  But we also know that “grass” can grow in many different types of climates, so any “environment” that is conducive for our “exotic flower” to grow, grass can grow there too.  Grass can be insecurity, selfishness, pride, anger, etc – and we’ve all got grass.

So, as people developers, we need a delicately vicious method for digging out the “grass” in our team without damaging their “exotic flower”.

Do you have your delicately vicious method in place?