Cyndicated Idol – Week 8

Rat Pack night – I’m so excited!

Jamie Foxx as mentor – this should be interesting!

The Throat Olympics???

Sing Frankie to me and I’ll melt (that’s how Ken got me!)

How was Kris “wet”?  Not sure I want someone to answer that question!

Allison’s wardrobe seemed slightly normal, or at least fit the theme for this week.

Except maybe her “ray-ed” hair (Ken made fun of how I said it).

Matt actually took the advice he got (smart man!) – dressed like JT, sounded like NKC, holla!!

OH MY COW!! Danny nearly got kissed by Jamie Foxx and his singin’ gave me chills!  I love that song!!

Adam in a white suit?  Kara called him sleezy?!  Adam compared to Michael Phelps???  I didn’t like it much myself – though the entrance was cool.

Vote on who you think is going home, and if you get a chance, tell me what your favorite Rat Pack song is?


2 comments on “Cyndicated Idol – Week 8

  1. cynhendrix says:

    My true Rat Pack favorite is “Unforgettable”. But my favorite Frank Sinatra performance is the duet of “For once in my life” with Gladys Knight.

  2. The Celebration says:

    My favorite Rat Pack song is definitely “Luck be a Lady”… just love Frankie on that one! My favorite song of tonight’s performances is “Someone to Watch Over Me,” although I love all of the songs they did. Tonight’s selection of songs was my favorite all around selection of the season! If they added “Fools Rush In” and “You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You,” it would have been even better! Maybe someone will do that tomorrow.

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