Act your age… and your grade level

I decided that I would share my latest pet peeve with everyone…

People who spell words incorrectly on purpose!

When did this epidemic of “uneducated is cool” take over our teenagers??

You know, I’m ok with the IMing and texting abbrevation rules; leave out the vowels, I can follow that.  Spelling “school” with a “k” and writing “kool” instead of “cool”.  I didn’t think they taught reading, writing, and spelling by phonetics anymore.  I really don’t understand it.  Do you really want the world to think you’ve made it all the way into middle school or high school or beyond and you can’t spell?  Do you really want people to think you’re uneducated?

Someone please explain this to me!  The truth is I know many teenagers and recent graduates that are very smart in multiple arenas, but their facebook pages have all kinds of signs that say “I can’t spell” and “I don’t know how to form sentences”.  The other thing is, nowadays, many employers do take a look at their employees facbook and myspace pages.  How would you like to get a call from a college or job you were applying to and find out you weren’t accepted because of what they saw and read on facebook? I’m not even talking about content wise.  I’m talking about spelling and punctuation and sentence formation.  Are you trying to tell me your education doesn’t matter?

Do you like looking dumb?  Do you want people to wonder how in the world you made it to the 1oth grade with the reading level that shows on your profile?  Do you take uneducated people seriously?  Most likely not, so then don’t complain to me when people don’t take you seriously!

And something that just hit me – if you rebel against the conventional spelling of words, what else are you secretly rebeling against?

Somebody told you “we don’t need no education” – but their bad grammar just proves that they do!