Want or Need?

This past weekend at ATF, one of the things that the teens seemed to really get is wants and needs.  Joel Johnson talked about our natural needs (food, air, water) compared to our wants (facebook, cars, iphones).  And when we get them mixed up, life gets hard.  Smoking cessation helps you live a longer life; breathing cessation shortens it significantly.  Joel talked about when you need God, like you need air, it’ll change your life – for the better.

At the hotel later that night, we had a discussion with our girls about their own wants versus needs and that having a boyfriend is a want, no matter what society and Hollywood and their friends say.  But then the point was made that not all relationships/friendships are wants.  God puts people in our lives that we need – for all kinds of reasons.

Sunday night, we had a meeting to plan some events for our teen girls over the summer.  All in all the meeting went well and we had some great ideas.  After church, Vickie, who was in the meeting came to me with some pointers on how to improve my meeting-facilitating skills.  Then she asked me “do I poke and prod you too much?”  It was an interesting question, and my response was just as much.  I said “Vickie, you’re my designated poker and proder.  That’s one relationship that’s on my need list, not the want list.”  We laughed and hugged because it was all meant in the utmost respect.

And don’t think that this means I’m forced to hang out with Vickie.  I want to be friends with Vickie and hang out with her, and I am.  But it doesn’t stop there – even when I don’t like it, I need Vickie to poke and prod me, to tell me I interrupt people too much and that I ramble when I ask questions.

So, what is the relationship that you should move from your Want list to your Need list?  Who do you need to designate as your official “poker and proder”?  Maybe you should tell them.


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