Cyndicated Idol – Week 7

The saved has been spent…

Matt Giruad gets to sing another week…

Two people go home tomorrow!

What will disco week hold for us?

Maybe they’ll make it to the end of the show within their allotted hour!

Lil lied – she really was sad (or ticked off)

Loved Kris – loved the bongos and the guitar and the arrangement – definitely my favorite of the night!

Paula said Kris shops in the women’s department?!  And Simon needs a Paulanese translator!

TV froze up on Danny – must have been the Army choppers that were making my chandelier rattle!

Allison – that’s my jam (thanks to Ann and Vickie and Karaoke Revolution – they always made me sing the racy songs!)  but she jacked it up – gross!

Adam wore a tie and a shiny suit?!?

Matt’s really trying to stay alive – how sad!

And Anoop was just weird!

Well, disco night is over – it was about half and half – nothing too exciting.

But at least they made it under an hour!  Hooray for all the Fringe fans!

Since two people will be going home tomorrow, the poll is set to allow you to vote for two people!