Being cool can mean being unemployed!

Watch those ring tones!! This is an example of how you can lose a great job opportunity!

Good afternoon!

I wanted to follow up with an update on the two candidates you chose to pass along. I tried phoning (Student #1) yesterday afternoon and honestly hung up not long after hearing a very offensive ringback tone. You may want to advise her to change it before passing her name on again. In my personal opinion, ringback tones of any kind are not only unprofessional, but a nuisance.

I also spoke with (Student #2) and he was a very polite young man and I will probably bring him in for an interview next week.

Thanks again for providing me with recommendations! Have a lovely weekend.



Your web-enabled phone with the digital camera and itunes and the personalized ring tones for every single person in your contacts and the texts and the IMs and the whatever else they let phones do nowadays, does not impress me (or anyone else)!