Jittery Cyn

Today, I had an interesting observation…

This morning, my group met for breakfast and I had a caramel latte (the best kind!).  Then, for lunch, my partner and I went out for lunch and I had a sweet tea, then got a refill before we went back to work.  About 30 minutes later, I’m standing at the table sorting and filing papers and I’m bouncing around and bobbing my head to the invisible  music in my head.  I definitely got some funny looks by the people coming in and out of our center.  I have to defend myself and say that I got a whole lot of papers sorted and filed in 2 hours!

Now, to my observation – I can drink 3 cokes a day (any kind – Coke, Dr. Pepper, Pibb) and it doesn’t phase me.  But I can drink one large sweet tea from Zaxby’s and I’m jolted – complete with jitters, chatters (the talking kind), and increased heart rate.

All these years in college and I’ve been trying to survive exams and finals on carbonated, caffeinated beverages, when all I needed was some sweet tea!


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  1. The Celebration says:

    …. or maybe just a half a cup of sugar with a dollop of caramel sauce! 😉

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