Cyndicated Idol – Week 6

You didn’t think I’d miss out on my American Idol blog just because I posted for Ken’s birthday, did you?

Songs from the movies with Quintin Tarantino – wasn’t as strange as I expected.

Judges had to comment in pairs because they took too long last week – and they still took too long this week.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t think it’s the judges fault, it’s the stupid audience not letting anyone talk!

Simon told Allison that she was the girls’ only hope in this competition – poor Lil.  And Lil had some words for Simon tonight too about her song!

Did anyone else notice that the band had on suits and ties during Adam’s Born to be Wild?  Especially the drummer!  That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Also, did anyone see the TOMS AT&T commercial tonight?  Oh yeah!

I loved seeing which songs were #1 on your birthday!

As always, here’s the poll!  Happy voting!


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  1. reggie rowland says:

    Adam Adam Adam!!!!

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