God is like the Chickenpox

When I was little, Chickenpox was a childhood disease that you just knew you were going to get and just had to tough it out and get it. But the good news was, that once you get it, you won’t ever get it again. (Don’t you wish the flu was like that?)

Nowadays, there is a vaccine for the virus that causes chickenpox and school-aged children are required to get it. Unfortunately, it has not been around long enough so we don’t know if it has the life-long immunity.

So, how does this relate to God? I’m about to tell you…

Just like Chickenpox (caused by a virus – Varicella) where parents have two options:
1) Get my kid vaccinated – relatively painless
2) Let them get chickenpox

With God, you have two options:
1) Come to church to get your “vaccine”
2) Experience God for yourself

You can get the vaccine – come to church once or twice a week, sit there and listen (relatively painless), and have immunity from Christian family and friends, and from getting into “too much” trouble during the week. But with this vaccine, it is not guaranteed that you will be immune from everything for the rest of your life.

Or you can get the “disease” – it can be painful and annoying, itchy and scratchy all over, lots of screaming and crying – thinking that you’re going to die, trying to remember which “medicines” to use. But as the initial pain subsides, you are now immune from the things that used to “infect” you so easily.

One thing about Chickenpox, once you have it, you’re marked. I have several scars from having the chickenpox. But also, the virus now hangs out with you for the rest of your life.

If you “catch” God. You’ll be marked – visibly and invisibly. The people around you can see the scars you have from your “disease”, but also, the unseen parts of you are changed too (your thoughts and emotions).

Just like Jacob, who fought with God. He ended up with a limp – he was marked by his experience with God.

So, who wants the Chickenpox?