Inventions I want people to steal-Chapter 2

3 more inventions that I don’t have time to develop, and that I would love for someone to make for me!

1.  Hands-free/cordless Hairdryer – Drying my hair is such a waste of time to me, there’s so many other things that I could be doing during those 15 minutes (mostly sleeping).  With a hands-free and cordless hairdryer, I can multitask my morning activities and get at least 15 more minutes of sleep.

2.  Automatic, pop-out car umbrella – Just like I can mash a button to unlock my car doors or pop the trunk, it would be great to have a button that would cause a water-shedding canopy to pop over my car doors so that as I get there, I do not have to try to balance my umbrella as I load my belongings in my car, and it will keep the rain from coming in the door as I’m getting in and closing my umbrella.   I would be able to close my umbrella underneath the canopy, load my things in the car, get in and close the door.  Then on the inside I would have a “close” button that would then retract the canopy before I drive away. You can tell I’ve thought this trough! Lexus, BMW, Mercedes – call me!

3.  Night-time umbrella – something I decided was necessary when walking around campus at night.  Cars don’t always see pedestrians in the rain at night.  So having a “beacon” on the top of your umbrella to let drivers know you are walking.  Then you will definitely know who the jerks are when they still don’t slow down or swerve to miss puddles.


2 comments on “Inventions I want people to steal-Chapter 2

  1. Madison says:

    I think Lexus or Mercedes have a pop-out umbrella, but not a canopy. Good idea though.

  2. Kelly says:

    You’re so creative! This made me laugh out loud, but in a good way. 🙂 The hairdryer idea was just too funny! I can picture it now…we’ll all have these little short pieces of hair on the side or top of our heads were it got our hair stuck in it!

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