Puddle Jumping

When I was in school at North Georgia College & State University, in Dahlonega, Georgia, my friends and I would find pleasure in jumping in the puddles on the sidewalk (and in the Wal-Mart parking lot).  We kind of knew we’d get wet anyway because drivers didn’t seem to care if they sprayed pedestrians as they drove by, so if we were jumping in puddles, it didn’t matter.

I am thankful for all the rain we’ve had, and it gave me a chance to get out and play.  The only thing I was missing was a puddle-jumping buddy.  And since the rain has put me in such a good mood…

Jude and Lucee have a standing invitation to be my puddle-jumping buddy any time they want!

Andy F. – I challenge you to a puddle jumping contest!  Just as long as your mom and/or my husband brings a camera!


One comment on “Puddle Jumping

  1. Madison says:

    Haha, loved the part about the puddle contest.

    Puddles are fun, aren’t they?

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