Beautifully Dreary

Yesterday, I got distracted by the beautifully dreary weather.  There’s something about spring rain that  is fun and exciting.  Maybe it’s just because it’s a pleasant temperature and I don’t have to rush in.  So, because the weather was so “beautiful”, I took advantage of it, and took pictures.  Here’s my trek through the rain…


This is the pond that forms by our parking lot when it rains.


Our beloved clock tower in the rain.


Named appropriately today

pool-peep-holePeeking into the pool

run-offA piece of the gutter is missing!

sprinklerYes, the sprinklers came on in the rain!

boots-puddleSee the reflection of my umbrella?



Had to come in, the weather was getting scary out there.  So, there they’ll sit – until next time!


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  1. Madison says:

    I like the pictures with the umbrella.

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