Cyndicated has TOMSitis

Yes, that is the disease that Blake defines as “every time you see a child, you want to give them a pair of shoes.”  And this disease is spreading…

First – last week, my husband, Ken got his quarterly package from Catalyst and it has a TOMS DVD in it.  Then, today, I get an email from TOMS saying their story is going to be aired on CNBC as the premiere episode of “The Entrepreneurs”.  People are catching it, or at least getting curious about it… don’t get to close, TOMS will get on you too!

I posted about TOMS right after I started this blog (2 months ago – woo!).  If you want to read about how I caught TOMSitis – click here.

Since then, my TOMS have had their share of adventure…


…here are my TOMS at a hidden-away, exotic place known at Victoria Bryant State Park, in Royston, Georgia.  The rock they are resting on, used to be covered with water.  About 15 years ago, it was a normal summer activity for children to come to the park, and play in the creek, and slide down this rock.  Boy was it fun, (and dangerous!)  It was a sight to see – a dozen children frolicking in the water in their swim suits, and the parents and grandparents of these children sitting in the grass in their lawn chairs!  Now, due to the extended drought conditions, our Sliding Rock is only about 1/4 the size it was back then.

So, my little shiny TOMS… where shall we venture next?

Until then, I continue to get raving compliments on my TOMS and get to share their story.  I’m usually not one to brag about wear I get my clothes.  But in this case, I allow myself to say “Let me tell you about where I got these shoes…”


(If you want your own TOMS, or learn more about their cause, go to the TOMS shoes website)