What makes the Mafia so romantic?

Ken and I have started watching the Sopranos (via Netflix), and while I’m enjoying the story and can’t wait to find out what happens next (especially with crazy Grandma), something kind of disturbing hit me the last time we watched it.

America, and probably the world has this hugely romanticized view of the Mafia.  They get to break laws in open daylight and no one seems to see or care.  They even get the cops to be “dirty” and help them with their crimes.  They have a presence that causes fear and trembling and awe and admiration as they walk into a business.  They always get the perks – free stuff, the best table at the restaurants.  They’re rich and famous; they have cool guns and cool hang-outs, secret meetings and can do just about whatever they want and go wherever they want any time they want, and no one questions them.

People fantasize about having that power over people and over the law, but they never fantasize about being immoral.  This is where the romance ends…

The unromantic side of the Mafia – abused wives and children (verbally, even physically), blatant, public, unashamed (even boasted) adultery, distrust of everyone you ever meet even to the point of killing your best friends, betrayal, psychological meltdown.

No one ever fantasizes about having those things – they just want the money and the power (and the cool accent and nicknames).

So, what is it about the Mafia that causes people (even Christians) to throw out their morality?

(You can’t tell me I’m that pure!)


One comment on “What makes the Mafia so romantic?

  1. kenhendrix24 says:

    I wonder if it has something to do with our repressed ‘dominion’ mindset that God has given us. I’m certainly not wanting to hyper-spiritualize the mafia… but at the same time a concept of a family that is unified and together about the father’s business sounds familiar. Also a family that is empowered to have dominion over all the rest of the earth. I think it somehow puts a demand on the innate design that God has created for us. The mafia is obviously a perversion in many ways of this family, but I think it’s an ideal that somehow we can connect to and identify with.

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