Cyndicated Idol – Week 4

Well, the judges haven’t saved anybody yet, though this week seemed like the closest considering they couldn’t make the decision and the show was about to go off.

The person who chose Matt as the contestant to go home – good job!

iTunes week!  This should be fun…or scary!

Simon got a headache on the first song!  What are we in for tonight?

Anoop as a R&B artist?  Megan and her “hand dancing” – you don’t have to have motions for every word in the song (unless you’re teaching K-2nd graders).

Awww, Danny sang a sad song – made me teary eyed knowing his story!

Woah Allison and her applique-art outfit!

Scott got mad props from the judges (he needs to keep working on his hair) but Matt and Lil got some hard hits!

I know, Adam can be creepy and weird and boarderline rebellious – but I’ve got to hand it to him, he’s a performer.

Kris is quickly becoming my favorite – though I noticed he has a funny shaped mouth when he sings big notes.

When did they decide that it was ok for the audience to disrupt the judges’ comments and cause the show to run over their time?

Here’s the poll – just like last week, let me know who you think is going home (or who you want to go home)!