Plan B

As I was driving home today, I heard the song “Spirit in the sky”.  You know, “Prepare yourself you know it’s a must, Gotta have a friend in Jesus, So you know that when you die, He’s gonna recommend you, To the spirit in the sky…”  (Yes, I listen to rock radio, get over it!).

So I heard this song and had a thought, a very controversial thought, so prepare youself (just like the song says)…

In the church world, it seems the main goal of a lot of people is to survive this “mean ol’ world” and get to heaven.

God created Adam and Eve, right?

And they were perfect, right?

Which means they weren’t going to die, right?

They were supposed to have dominion over the earth, right?

And populate the earth with offspring who will also have dominion over the earth, right?

So, where did we get the idea that God wanted us in Heaven?

Dying and going “somewhere” wasn’t even a thought until after Adam and Eve fell.

So, is the church trying to tell me that “going to heaven” is God’s Plan B b/c Adam and Eve screwed up his Plan A?

So, are you saying that Jesus was God’s Plan B?

Anyone else think that’s jacked up?