Cyndicated Idol – week 3

We got preempted by the President last night, but it’s ok. American Idol will go on!

So, here we go… Motown with Smokey Robinson!  (Should be interesting to see how Adam “personalizes” this genre of music.)

What a crazy night…

– Who wants to get it on with a guy in a Mr. Roger’s sweater and tie?!

– Paula gave Simon Crayons and a coloring book?!

– Oh, I’M SO SAD!  Megan is sang our wedding song and I HATE HER VOICE!!  I MUTED HER!  She will not ruin anymore songs on my TV!  My favorite version of that song (thus the reason I used it in my wedding) is the Frank Sinatra/Gladys Knight duet.  YAY!  They didn’t like it either!!

– Adam looked like Elvis and got a standing-O from Smokey Robinson!

– Simon drew a ‘stache on Paula!!

This week, my poll is a little different… I want to know who you think will be going home tomorrow. Let’s see if we can guess.

And if you want to let me know who your favorite was this week, I’d love to hear about it and thanks for playin’ along!


One comment on “Cyndicated Idol – week 3

  1. The Celebration says:

    Okay, so Matt was dressed like Mr. Rogers, but I loved his song. Until Allison showed up at the end, Matt was my favorite of the night. (What the crap was Meghan singing?! Wow, that was terrible!) But the real star of the night tonight for me? Smokey! I just love his music, love his soul… and since he was supernaturally delivered from drug addiction, he has had a sparkle in his eye that is undeniably Jesus! Love that these kids got the chance to hang with this superstar… what an honor!

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