Differences in Temperature

Something very interesting happened to me as I was headed to church this Sunday…it was 40 degrees when I left my house and I had on short sleeves!

As I was driving, I thought to myself – “Isn’t it strange how if the high is 40 degrees, I bundle up in long sleeves, a winter coat, and a scarf.  But if the low is 40 degrees, I dress in short sleeves like it’s springtime!”

So, what’s the difference?  Winter winds and a wind chill?  Sunshine?  Does my mind play tricks on me because if the low is 40, then somehow I know the high is going to be “short sleeves weather”?  I can’t quite figure it out.

Here’s another example – I’m cold if it’s 65 degrees in the house, but hot (or at least warm and comfortable) if it’s 65 degrees outside.  But something’s got to be different for this cold-natured girl to go out in 40 degree weather with short sleeves on!

Scientifically, 40 degrees is 40 degrees, and 65 is 65.  So maybe it really is all in my head!

Any ideas?  Anyone else experience this same conundrum?