Life Lessons from The Neverending Story

I saw The Neverending Story for the first time this morning.  Yes, I know, I’m 25 (almost 26) years old and I just now got to see it.  It was one of those creepy muppet movies that I wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid.

At one point in the movie, as the Nothing is about take over all of Fantasia, the hero, Atreyu runs into the G’mork.  Atreyu asked him why the Nothing is taking over.  The G’mork says that Fantasia is a land that was created from the dreams of human kind, but human kind is losing faith in their dreams, so the land is being destroyed.  The G’mork tells Atreyu that he is a servant of the one who sent the Nothing and he is to kill the one who was appointed to save Fantasia (which was Atreyu).  The answer the G’mork gives Atreyu as to why they want Fantasia destroyed – “People who have no hope are easy to control.”

Wow, a movie from 1984 is able to speak timeless truth in 2009!  How many times has the Nothing taken over our “dreamland” and we go through life dreamless?  How many times have you or I, or we, collectively as the Church or America, lost hope and in turn, the “enemy” is able to control those areas of our lives?

It just made me more motivated to remember my dreams, and as Bastian said when he saved Fantasia – “I will do what I dreamed!”

P.S.  If anyone knows the “new name” he gave the empress at the end, neither Ken nor I could understand what he says.


2 comments on “Life Lessons from The Neverending Story

  1. jesus4jberg says:

    Pretty cool. I watched it a long time ago. Not sure why; however, I was impressed with the two kingdoms in it. Also, how the bad guy had a heart of stone.
    There really is alot that could be learned from this movie. It is a weird one though.

  2. The Celebration says:

    I remember seeing this movie in the theater when it came out! Yep, sure did. (yes, I know what comment this will garner from my friend the heretic). The idea that our dreams have an impact on other worlds had a huge appeal to me, even in my heathen days. You could really dissect this one and preach it!

    And “Moonchild” is the Empress’s new name…FYI.

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