Escape from St. Patrick

For those who don’t know – St. Patrick’s Day is a huge day of celebration in Savannah.  Parade, parties, food, drinks, beads, all the craziness.  It seems like the whole Southeast United States decends on Savannah the weekend before St. Patty’s day to take part in the festivities.  I, on the other hand, care nothing about any of it…I’m not Irish, I’m not Catholic, and I’m not an alcoholic.  So far, I have been able to escape St. Patrick’s Day because it fell close to or on a weekend.  This year, it was on Tuesday!

My husband, Ken, decided to give me a little surprise (well, half of a surprise because he wanted me to approve, plus he just really doesn’t like keeping secrets!)  Monday night, he drove down to Savannah and picked me up after work and drove me to Hilton Head Island (that part I knew about).  He had booked a 1-night stay at the Hilton Oceanfront Resort for the two of us.  It was raining but I didn’t care!


We got dressed up and went to dinner at the hotel restaurant – hh prime – some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth!  We were going to try to walk on the beach but it was cloudy and creepy dark, then it started raining again.

hh prime

Who knew the perfect vacation would be going to bed at 10 pm!!

We thought about waking up to see the sunrise – it was still cloudy plus sleeping in sounded so much better.  We checked out and then headed back to the beach.  I love the beach any time of the year- even when it is 60 degrees and windy!


Then, we just spent the day driving around Hilton Head – went to the mall, ate at Fudruckers, got accosted by a time shares guys (read about that on Ken’s blog), stopped by Tanger (whoever called those outlets must be confused!) – then headed back to Savannah.

Oh and guess what?!  Neither one of us wore green all day!!

Then we just spent the evening in, watched American Idol and ate Zaxby’s!

My hero really came through for me!


One comment on “Escape from St. Patrick

  1. The Celebration says:

    Sounds like fun, Cyn. I love Savannah, but I don’t blame you for wanting to escape the crazy crowd this week. I ended up there accidentally on St. Patrick’s Day one year when I was in high school. For whatever reason the state Beta Club convention was there over St. P’s weekend… a dream come true for a high school heathen!

    I love the pic of you at the beach… I agree. Beach any day of the year, any temp!!! Glad you had a good getaway.

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