Cyndicated Idol – week 1

American Idol – 13 finalists

I’m a fan of American Idol, and I like passing judgments on the contestants when the perform, just like everyone else (whether I’m qualified or not). I like to critique each part of their performance – song choice, originality, voice quality, song-personality match-up, stage presence, outfit, hairstyle, attitude towards the judges…
Each week, I pull for my favorites, but I never call in my vote (I don’t want to accumulate the $2 cell phone charge for each call or text). So, if you’re an American Idol fan like me, and you don’t like call in your votes (or even if you do), here’s a free place for you to share your vote with friends and strangers.
And if everyone plays along, I’ll make a follow-up post with the tallys and let you know who is winning “Cyndicated Idol”!

What a super-star way to start off American Idol finals – a night built around Michael Jackson.  Whether you think he looks funny or has lost his mind, there’s no denying that his music and style and creativity has pushed the envelope of pop and rock music and set a very high standard for all of the artists that have followed him.
My American Idol vote: Thanks to Adam Lambert, “Black & White”  is now on my Favorites list!


2 comments on “Cyndicated Idol – week 1

  1. rawguts says:

    Danny Gokey is the man!

  2. kenhendrix24 says:

    Gokey was good but lambert made them all look like a joke

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