To go to Togo…

Guest Blogger: Christa Jones (that’s my sis!), International Community Development major, sophomore at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK

Togo is a small country, measuring 21,000 square miles—about the size of West Virginia—on the west coast of Africa. It has a population between 5 and 6 million – 29% Christian, 20% Muslim, and 51% indigenous belief. Much of Togo practices forms of Voodoo and has a strong belief in invisible evils and spirits.
Oral Roberts Missions has traveled to Togo for the past several years due to a contact made with a former missionary to the country, who is now a local pastor in Tulsa. In the past, the focus within each community has been evangelism and ministry through speaking, preaching, and leading services. There has also been a special concentration on children’s ministry.
During the one month span of the trip, our team will be traveling to many local villages throughout Togo, ministering to adult and children members alike. Several of these villages have already been evangelized; and since they rarely receive visitors from outside their communities, our goal will be a continuation of teaching and encouraging them as a part of the Body of Christ.
But this year, we will be adding an element of international development. ORU Missions has asked our team to conduct needs assessments of the country in hopes of sending an International Development team there next summer. We will be noting the condition of the roads, access to safe water, and other elements of livelihood within the communities. The Missions Department is also discussing the possibility of sharing business and management ideas with local businesses in Togo. As a first step, our team is now in the process of raising funds to build water wells within some of the villages we visit. To dig one well for one community costs $1500.
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