Car troubles

In the 10th grade, I took driver’s ed and learned how to change a tire and check my oil and other fluids. In the 12th grade, one of our band member’s mom got a flat tire.  Instead of asking for a few guys to go help her, he told me and a fellow section leader to hand it.  The two of us got to miss part of band practice to help her. So I got to use what I learned.
Nowadays, I have at least 4 guys that keep close tabs on my car – Ken, my dad, my FIL, and my granddaddy. I also have a wonderful family of car lovers that I can trust to troubleshoot almost any problem that I might encounter. They are willing to explain things to me so I understand what’s going on and are great translators when I describe problems.
I had a chance recently to pass on what I have learned. A girl I was working with came in one morning and said “this guy at the stop light told me my tire was going flat”. I asked her if she noticed a flat tire. She said she thought it sounded funny when she was driving but she thought funny noises only came from under the hood. She also said that it felt funny and lopsided when she drove at a certain speed so she always drove slower.
She drives a 1996 Honda Accord and she didn’t even know if she had a spare tire or not. When she went to look for the spare tire, there was a dead bug under the trunk mat so she didn’t look any farther. She said “I only saw metal, but no tire.” Later, I went out and was able to find the spare tire for her and told her to recruit one of the underclassmen to change it for her.
That afternoon, she came back in after they changed it and said “he told me not to drive too far on it or it’ll make my back in fall off!” I had to explain to her that nothing will fall off, but too long on a spare can mess up her alignment.
At this point in time, I was able to truly appreciate how much I had been taught by those who take care of my car. I also appreciate that my ignorance of mechanical things isn’t exploited when I do have questions.
So here’s a shout out to the wonderful people of Carroll’s Quick Lube in Lavonia and Carroll’s of Royston for honest business and knowledgeable mechaniacs that don’t take advantage of people with questions (like me).
Even my dad noted on time – “it’s nice to have a family business that I can send my daughter to and I know they won’t rip her off.”