Boredom leads to destructive behaviors

This is so true for me.  More than I was ever aware of until now.

I’m about to tell on myself, so get ready…

When I was little, I remember going to the florist’s shop that a lady in our church owned.  It seems I remember my dad left me with her at work one day while he went to run some errands.  Because there’s so much for a 6 yr old to do in a florist’s shop, I stayed in the back room while she helped customers.  In the big sink there were these green blocks of stuff (known now as oasis) soaking in water.  I touched one and thought it was cool – felt like crunchy play-do.  So, by the time I left there, I manged to press all the corners of all the blocks in until they were rounded off.

Another time, when I was little, I got a hold of a pair of scissors.   I guess I was maybe 4 or 5 (I don’t think Christa was born yet – thank God!)  I wanted to test how strong they were.  I knew they’d cut paper and hair, but what else would they cut?  Lucky, they only cut the skirt of the chair in the living room before my mom caught me (does she still own that chair?)

Something that we all know is bad for you – biting your nails.  My worst time for biting my nails is the drive between FC and Savannah.  By the time I arrive, my hands my look like I was trying to go through the jungle without a machete!

Well, today was another marked day.  I was sitting at the diabetes center, bored out of my mind (when you see 3 patients in 5 hrs, that’s known as slow business!).  So I decided I would clean up my computer a little bit (wasn’t connected to the internet, so yes, I was REALLY bored.)  I had downloaded Office 2003 onto my computer after my trial version of Office 2007 had run out.  A problem had been arising when it came to opening documents, the computer couldn’t decide which version was going to be the default.  So I thought I’d help it decide by deleting the used up trial version of Office 2007.  What it didn’t warn me about was that some files got shared by both programs and I guess since 2007 is the “better” one, it took everything with it.  I’m sure I can hear your thoughts and feelings about Microsoft products and I second them wholeheartedly!  Needless to say, I now have no word processor, presentation creator, or spreadsheet programs that work on my computer!

I better find me a book to read by next week or this could get ugly!!