Inventions I want someone to steal

I’ve had several ideas for inventions that would make my life a lot easier. But I’m going to be a pharmacist, I don’t have the knowledge or the time to develop them. So I’m going to put this out there and somebody can steal the idea and create it – the only stipulations – you have to call it what I want it to be called (except the last one) and I get a free 1st edition once it’s out on the market.
The first one – Yo’ Mama’s House Transporter
It’s exactly what it says – it’s a transporter that will take you directly to yo’ mama’s house. Now, I live in Georgia, my mom lives in Virginia, and right now, my sister is at school in Oklahoma. How cool would it be that we could transport in for the weekend to mama’s house, go shopping, eat dinner, and then transport back out to be back at school or work on Monday. Oh yeah, holidays would be a cinch!
Next – the Honey Hologram
This would be a phone-like device that would project a full-sized image of your “honey” in real time. Like 3D, life-size video phone.  But there would have to be limitations on it – it would only be issued to married couples with their marriage license. If you allowed it for everyone, it might encourage “risky” or “risque” behavior.
Lastly – I don’t have a cool name for this one – the shadowless book.
This would be a hologram-type book that I could read at the pool or the beach but that wouldn’t make shadows on my legs or stomach and cause tan lines (yes, the first time I read a book at the pool, I left it on my legs the whole time so I had a white rectangle!)
So, there you go.  Have at it! Steal my ideas, create inventions, but remember I get freebies!


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  1. Kellee says:

    I love all 3 but especially #1.

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