Mother-in-Law Hall of Fame

I don’t know if this actually exists but I’m starting my own!  You hear all kinds of stories about cat fights and cold shoulders when it comes to people’s (mostly wives) relationships with their in-laws.   Well, I don’t buy the “in-laws are out-laws” theories.

So, today, I am nominating my mother-in-law for the Mother-in-Law Hall of Fame.

Marie Hendrix has been a stepping stone for me instead of a stumbling block – during wedding planning and moving into our first house.  She has even taught me to enjoy yard work now that I know what to do to take care of it.

I was fortunate that the people who owned our house before us planted LOADS of bulbs so I had LOADS and LOADS of flowers last spring.  Now, all I have to do is move the around and put them where I want them.  (Having Asiatic lilies growing up in the middle of a rose bush isn’t ideal – but if you want to see a d 7 ft tall Asiatic lily or if you want to be the hero that rescues it out of the rose bush, stop by my house this summer!)  Right now, I’m just a C student when it comes to flower tending – I’m 3 months late putting out my bulbs.  Winter has been fairly mild so I’m hoping they’ll catch up.  But in the meantime, I’ll stop by my MILs house (that’s my pet name for her) and look at her flowers.

These next two weeks are going to be pretty rough – already I’ve had to run the diabetes center all by myself and lead a diabetes support group.  I’ve got 2 presentations to make, a health fair to help run at the mall over the weekend, and another diabetes class to team teach with my partner.  (Can you tell, this rotation is focused on diabetes?)

When I got home today, there was a beautiful spring bouquet of flowers full of daisies!!  You’re thinking “aww, Ken’s so sweet!”  Yeah, think again (he is, but that’s not the point)!  The card said “From MIL and FIL”.  That’s made my WHOLE FREAKIN’ WEEK (or two)!!!


So, if you think your mother-in-law should be nominated into the Cyndicated Mother-in-Law Hall of Fame, share your story with me!